for 2/18/2016

Four Provocative Films – CU Film Experts

Explore the wonders, mysteries and consequences of humanity and nature colliding, and discover the creative approaches filmmakers use to illuminate

an environmental cause and create emotional impact.

Introductions and post-film discussions led by renowned public radio film critic and University of Colorado Denver faculty member Howie Movshovitz.

Explore the wonders of the insect world as never before possible as the filmmakers take you on a magical journey underground in this feature that will captivate audiences both young and old. Specially designed cameras take viewers beneath the surface of the earth and into areas previously considered inaccessible to the prying eye of the camera lens as microscopic creatures tower over the screen and perform Herculean tasks worthy of the most formidable human athlete. From the love shared between two snails to the bizarre plight of the dung beetle and the menacing beauty of the spider weaving his wondrous web, this film will make you think twice about stepping on that ant or casually killing that spider on the windowsill.

6 p.m. Doors open
7 p.m. Film Starts

General Admission $15
Special New Year's Pricing $5

Age restriction: 16+