Football Recipes: Thanksgiving Panini(Photo: KUSA)


Football Recipes: Thanksgiving Panini (Photo: KUSA)

KUSA - So, Thanksgiving is over and

now you have a bunch of leftovers in your fridge.

Oh, and there's that big Broncos game this weekend that you invited all your friends over for. And you should probably feed them.

What a perfect opportunity to start working way through some of those holiday scraps.

You could just set everything out and have a second feast, or you could make this amazing panini that has all the flavors of the season without seeming like the exact meal you just had.

Football Recipes: Thanksgiving Panini (Photo: KUSA)

Although it seems like a lot to stuff all of this in one sandwich, it worked shockingly well.

But if there is one element you are opposed to just leave it out and make the rest the same.

A panini press will work the best to cook everything evenly, but a Foreman-style grill or skillet would also work.



If you don't see the recipe above, you can view, print or save it here.

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