• Feb 9:
  • John Elway commends Gary Kubiak for season, handling of QB situation
  • Feb 8:
  • Broncos defense among NFL's greatest? Numbers have them in the discussion
  • The inside details of the Broncos' Super
    Bowl parade
  • Broncos cornerback Chris Harris competed while injured
  • How will the Broncos Super Bowl parade affect your cellphone service?
  • Skipping school for Broncos parade may not be excused, districts say
  • Peyton Manning likely to walk happily away from Broncos

The Broncos' defensive players argued for much of the season that they didn't get due credit for their play.

They shut down Aaron Rodgers, defeated Tom Brady twice, beat Ben Roethlisberger and contained Cam Newton.

But they also knew any recognition wouldn't be fully received until they got rings. Great defenses, they said, are remembered when they win at all.

The architect of the defense, general manager John Elway, said he knew before the season started that the defense could be "pretty darn good."

But on Tuesday, sitting a few feet from the Lombardi Trophy, Elway said the defense — and its Super Bowl performance — was historic.

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"I know one thing: I wouldn't want to play them. I'm glad I didn't have to play them," Elway said. "... Obviously, we're biased in the fact that we rode their coattails all the way to the championship.

"To me, to sit here and say, if you look at it, if you look at the performance in that Super Bowl, they are in the argument to be one of the best ever. It's hard to say that they're going to be that, but they're in the argument, which is a (heck) of a compliment to them."

Last catch?

Receiver Bennie Fowler had the last catch by Peyton Manning in Super Bowl 50, a two-point conversion after C.J. Anderson's fourth-quarter touchdown.

The completion could end up being Manning's last, a notion that was not lost on Fowler.


Fowler posted a photo on Twitter of himself with Manning and a game ball from Super Bowl 50, with the message: "Could it be his last completion? I don't know but I gave the ball back to him because he deserves it #Respect"

Presidential call

Once the Broncos parade and rally concluded downtown Monday, coach Gary Kubiak and outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware received a call from president Barack Obama to congratulate them on a Super Bowl victory. Obama also invited the team for a visit to the White House.

Kubiak on parade

Kubiak became the first person to win the Super Bowl as a player and head coach of the same franchise. Just two years ago, he was fired and wasn't sure he wanted to continue coaching. Now he has his dream job and a Super Bowl victory.

"This is my football home," Kubiak said. "I had the opportunity to come back here, and being on that bus today, driving through that parade makes it hard to believe. It was special."

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