Republican presidential candidate New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie answers a question as retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson listens during a Republican presidential primary debate, Jan. 28, in Des Moines, Iowa. (Charlie

Neibergall, The Associated Press)

An overriding theme at recent Republican debates has been, “We’ll keep you safe.” We heard Donald Trump tell us that he would keep us safe by taking out families of terrorists. We heard Chris Christie tell us that, as president, he would implement a no-fly zone over Syria in which Russian aircraft would be summarily shot down, clearly a short track to World War III. We heard Ted Cruz say he would carpet bomb Islamic State-controlled cities, but we shouldn’t worry too much about collateral damage. Ben Carson didn’t disagree with that and danced around the possibility of thousands of women and children being killed.

These are not great ways to win friends and influence people, and no one seemed to worry about violations of the Geneva Convention. Somehow, none of this makes me feel any safer.

Bob Kropfli, Golden

This letter was published in the Feb. 7 edition.

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