Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks with host Anderson Cooper during a Democratic primary town hall sponsored by CNN on Wednesday in Derry, N.H. (John Minchillo,
Associated Press)

Although the Republican presidential field makes for better theater, results from the Democratic side of last Monday's Iowa caucus point to the destructive effects of educational institutions that have turned so many young Americans into naïve socialists whose fundamentally harmful policy positions should not be forgiven due to claimed good intentions or youthful exuberance.

The low Democratic turnout — down 27 percent from 2008, while GOP participation was up by 50 percent — should have Hillary Clinton and friends very worried about voter enthusiasm in November. That's the good news.

But the truly frightening images out of Iowa — and from the many college campuses that 74-year-old socialist Bernie Sanders has staked out as his home turf — is that thousands of young adults are flocking to support a man whose policies, if enacted, would destroy the American economy and the opportunity for those same grinning youthful idealists to enjoy a future of prosperity and freedom.

How can it be that our educational system, from K-12 all the way through college and graduate school, so thoroughly fills the minds of the next generation with undiluted economic nonsense? How can it be that so many people who are technically adults believe that college should or can be "free"?


How can it be that throngs of our youth dislike and distrust our nation's most successful people, looking at millionaires in the same way that a leech looks at your ankle? How can it be that after years of "higher learning," millennials have learned nothing from the many lessons of history showing that Sanders' ideas are not only destined to fail if implemented but would also impoverish and enfeeble a once prosperous, proud and mighty nation?

And, lest all of the fingers point at professors and provosts and principals, how can it be that so many parents have not made a more diligent effort to deprogram their children from the mindless and harmful propaganda being shoved, without challenge, into their still-forming minds in the shockingly non-diverse intellectual environment of the academy?

On Colorado's March 1 caucus night, Democrats will conduct presidential preference polls to decide how many delegates get assigned to the party's two remaining candidates. (Republicans will caucus as well, but will use a different procedure.)

If you're the parent or teacher of a misguided millennial who is considering going to her local caucus to offer support for Sanders, I urge you to sit him down for a conversation about how the world really works.

Explain how "free" college means higher taxes for you, and for him, as soon as he starts working for a living. Explain how "free" health care has led to in-hospital starvation and death by malnutrition of more than 1,200 patients in the English National Health System and how even Vermont — Sanders' state — has abandoned "single payer" health care as unaffordable. Ask him how a 50 percent tax rate is substantially different from indentured servitude or theft.

You will be shocked and dismayed by the incomprehension in his eyes.

Our nation's future depends on today's young minds. The Iowa caucus results show how thoroughly warped so many of those minds are.

Ross Kaminsky is host of "The Ross Kaminsky Show" weekday mornings on 630 KHOW.

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