One thing we never have to do at The Denver Post is tell the Around Colorado columnists to get out of town.

They're pretty good at doing that on their


To say our travel columnists head to all corners of the Centennial State isn't quite accurate: Joshua Berman went on a month-long camping quest this year and made it to two corners, visiting Mesa Verde National Park and Dinosaur National Monument, where he ran into a T-rex of a storm.

Dan Leeth checked out some high and low adventures in 2015, backpacking in Dominguez Canyon outside of Grand Junction and closing out another ski season at Aspen Highlands' Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro.


And with so much happening at her beloved Winter Park in 2015, Chryss Cada couldn't help putting in time on the slopes there. Chryss checked out the new Lunch Rock at Mary Jane pretty much as soon as she could ski to it and gave us a brief history of four Colorado ski resorts that marked big anniversaries in 2015.

Finally, when I wasn't holding down the travel desk here, I got out and about as much as I could. Early in 2015, I made the mistake of having too good of a time wining, dining and beering my way through Durango. I'd like to think I made up for those follies when I helped a tourist in trouble on Longs Peak this summer. But to be honest, I'll be happy to do both things — help someone with altitude sickness and drink too much craft beer, but not at the same time — again in 2016.

Meanwhile, if you're already looking ahead to hitting the road in Colorado next year, take a look back with me at my favorite story from each of our columnists this year. Perhaps you'll find some inspiration herein to get out and see more of Colorado.

While traveling, make new friends

In February, Dan learned that new ski buddies are out there waiting to be found when he and wife Dianne (a frequent star of his travel columns) met up with the 50 Plus Ski with Us group at Keystone.

"We typically join the bumps group," he wrote. "After a warm-up run down fresh corduroy, we set off with our guide on a mission to bash every bump on the mountain. Boring? I have trouble keeping up with my fellow mogul-mashing 'skizers.' "

Meeting new people is part of the gig with travel. And if you're lucky, you might find fellow "skizers."

Head to the races; find girl power

When Chryss took her daughters to see the Alpine World Ski Championships at Beaver Creek, she knew she'd see some awesome homegrown athletes on our slopes — skiers her daughters look up to. But she didn't know how special it would be.

"On the 19th, my girls watched (Lindsey) Vonn get her 63rd win, breaking the record and becoming the all-time winningest female skier — officially," Chryss wrote.

Travel isn't always so directly empowering ... but it often is.

The om and the yum

On a trip to Carbondale for the weekend, Josh found himself at the end of a banquet table, sitting next to a woman who hands him a tiny jar and says, "They asked us to put this on, to get us all on the same vibration."

The banquet is vegan; it's part of an event called Sacred Fest, "a conscious celebration of life." There's chanting. Yoga. But his lodging for the weekend happens to be at a craft distillery with a B&B — "booze and a bed" — in Marble.

He's faced with the sort of contradiction we often find when we leave home for an adventure: Have a Bloody Mary, or go to the drum circle? He opts for both.

Every part of an adventure might not be good for you, but in the end, travel sure is good for the soul.

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