Puppies tumble, kittens dance, America awwwwwws. If the Puppy Bowl is not your favorite Super Bowl tradition, do you even have a heart?

What once was a semi-laughable idea meant

to entertain children and bored chip-munchers of game-day parties is now our country's most adorable pastime. And this year, you can watch it six times in a row: Puppy Bowl XII will air on Animal Planet at 1 p.m. MT then will repeat every other hour for 12 hours straight.

Each year Animal Planet gathers dogs in need of adoption from all around the country, divides them into "Team Ruff" and "Team Fluff," then plops them onto an AstroTurf field. Like their human counterparts, the puppies climb all over each other for a few hours while trying to drag their chew toys into the end zones. The halftime show is performed by kittens.

What more could you want? We'll tell you: a skunk as assistant referee and silkie chickens as cheerleaders. If you don't know what a silkie chicken is, Google them immediately.