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Lions, tigers, bears — oh my goodness, everyone and everything has an opinion on who's winning the Super Bowl.

Just as commercials have become must-see television during the Super Bowl, having animals predict which team will win the Lombardi Trophy is now a longstanding tradition.

From apes to tortoises to teacup piglets, here's a look at how these animals predict which team will win Sunday between the Broncos and Panthers:

Tuah, the orangutan (Utah's Hogle Zoo):

From the AP: "Zoo spokeswoman Erica Hansen says a 1-year-old orangutan named Tuah chewed up a cardboard Panthers sign and later kissed a papier-mache Panthers helmet. Hansen says he never touched the Denver Broncos sign or helmet."

Nancy and Twelve, Galapagos tortoises (Dallas Zoo):

From the Dallas Morning News: "Galapagos tortoises Nancy and Twelve raced toward veggie cakes at the Dallas Zoo to choose the winner. Nancy glided in for the orange cake, selecting the Broncos to win Super Bowl 50."

Greyhound dog race (Palm Beach Kennel Club):

From The Post's Daniel Boniface: "The Broncos' greyhound on Saturday outraced the Carolina Panthers' pooch. Race officials say the winning dog has accurately predicted the winner of the Super Bowl 13 of 19 times. Will the Broncos make it 14 in 20?"


Teacup piglets race (" Live with Kelly and Michael"):

The orange-shirt pig representing the Broncos narrowly defeated the teal-shirt one. Watch the video.

Kogi the macaw and Nacho the seriema (Texas State Aquarium):

From the Corpus Christi Caller-Times: "Kogi, a military macaw, delivered a bottle that said "better luck next Super Bowl" to Bird & Mammal Curator Kelsey McFarland, who was holding a Denver Broncos football.

"After Kogi made the pick, a red-legged seriema named Nacho slammed a Panther blue snake to indicate Carolina would hold up the trophy Sunday night."

Teddy Bear, the talking porcupine (Zooinversity in Dallas):

Teddy went to the corn container with the Broncos logo on it. Watch the video.

Boudeaaux, the black bear (Fort Worth Zoo):

From the Dallas Morning News: "Boudreaux, a 454-pound black bear, went straight for a dangling Panthers papier-mache football."

Le Le, the panda (Memphis Zoo):

From Fox 13 Memphis: "After 20 minutes of pensive pacing, Le Le rolled over and chose the Carolina Panthers as his choice to win Super Bowl 50 over the Denver Broncos."

Tibet, the tiger (Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina):

Tibet chased down two remote-controlled vehicles, each with a different helmet on it. The tiger caught the Panthers' car. Watch the video.

Ozzy, the grizzly bear (Zoo Montana):

From WDAM 7: "They gave Ozzy the choice of two banana cakes with peanut butter frosting. ... He finally chose the cake with the horse logo on it, meaning he went with the Broncos over the Panthers."

Misha, the tiger (Blank Park Zoo in Iowa):

From KCCI 8: "The tiger was presented with two boxes of meat each with a team logo on it. The tiger picked the Carolina Panthers but then tore apart the Denver Broncos box to get to the meat inside."

Red-footed tortoises (Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas):

The baby tortoises ate a variety of foods placed in end zones marked for the Panthers and Broncos. They ate more in the Panthers' end, giving Carolina the victory. Watch the video.

Apollo, the lion (Riverside Discovery Center in Arizona):

From KOTA: "The Riverside Discovery Center in Scottsbluff prepared two football piñatas, a blue one representing the Carolina Panthers and another the Denver Broncos. Apollo's prediction would be the one he tears up. ... When Apollo was released, to the majority's delight, he picked the Denver Broncos."

Puppies ("The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon):

The puppies run to two food bowls — one labeled "Panthers" and the other "Broncos." The bowl that attracts more puppies determines the winner. They rushed the Broncos bowl. Watch the video.


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