Not just for fans of genre fiction, this mash up of science and magic will appeal to anyone who likes a well told story about choices and the fate of

the world. Patricia and Laurence meet in middle school--both awkward in their own ways, Patricia connects with nature on a deep level, and Laurence is a technology whiz kid, they each pursue their passions, get bullied, and find comfort in each other's strangeness. A rift leaves each of them on their own for years, and they reconnect as adults in San Francisco. Patricia is now a graduate of a school that trains witches, and Laurence works for one of the top tech companies in the world. They each have a role to play in the fate of humanity as the world deals with numerous catastrophes--climate change, war, environmental disaster. Science, magic, faith, love--it's all here, along with characters that will make you laugh and break your heart.

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