Re: “Wounded Warrior Project is under fire for its spending,” Jan. 29 news story.

The Wounded Warriors Project is being criticized for spending only 60 percent of the money it

raised on programs for veterans. The charity raised $342 million in 2014. Sixty percent of $342 million is $205 million. It threw some lavish parties — so what? Donors like to be schmoozed, and it is expensive to get their attention. Other veteran groups are being praised for only spending 4 percent to 12 percent of what they raised on administration and fundraising. Yet the most any of these organizations raised for veteran services was $51 million. The four together did not contribute to veteran’s services as much as the Wounded Warriors Project.

So which organization benefited veterans the most? And exactly why is Wounded Warriors being criticized?

Deborah Hage, Silverthorne

This letter was published in the Feb. 2 edition.

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