Nathaniel Rateliff thanked Britney Spears for doing a sexy dance to his song by doing his own sexy dance to his song.(Photo: Nathaniel Rateliff, Instagram)


KUSA – Here's something you never thought you'd read: Local artist Nathaniel Rateliff and Britney Spears “collaborated” on a few sexy music videos.

Spears took to Instagram on Monday and posted three videos of herself dancing, scantily clad in a black bikini, to Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats’ “S.O.B.” 

A video posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Now we know what Britney does with her Mondays.

The videos are black-and-white snippets of sensual moves that would fit better with “Toxic” than the Denver-based band’s popular song.

In true Internet glory, Rateliff responded to Spears’ video by posting his own interpretation. Rateliff donned a black bikini, blonde wig and made his own sultry black-and-white video. Rateliff posted it to Instagram and said, “thanks for making the sexy video of our song.”

reposting @britneyspears thanks for making the sexy video of our song #SOB ❤️-ON.

A video posted by Nathaniel Rateliff (@nathanielrateliff) on

One of Britney’s videos has been liked over 90,000 times on Instagram. In comparison, Rateliff’s has attracted about 1,000 likes. Apprently the world will never get enough Britney Spears.

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