When I first read the synopsis of this book I was overly excited as it sounded like a novel I would love - my favorite literary characters come to life

in this thrilling, alternate reality, mystery. It was the perfect mix of fantasy and reality. However, I struggled to finish the story. The main character, Thursday Next, is a Literary Detective in England whose job is to protect famous novels - Jane Eyre, Charles Dickens, Hamlet to name a few - by protecting original manuscripts, ferreting out fakes, etc. She was also in the fictitious war against Russia called the Crimea, where she lost her brother. She also has a troubled, not needed love story. She also has a rogue time traveling father, and a brilliant uncle who creates a machine that allows people to enter books and characters to leave then. This machine of course causes devastating effects and is the main catalyst for the entire story, although it is not introduced until halfway through the novel. Overall, the book had too many components that caused the story to be convoluted and boring to read at times. The ending did redeem the book slightly, as it was the fast-paced, new world thriller I was expecting, hence the two stars.

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