Re: “An honest way to figure inflation for Social Security adjustments,” Jan. 14 letter to the editor.

Echoing letter-writer Robert Green’s comments on the way the feds figure inflation, I

wonder if Social Security needs to be keyed to the regional economy.

Here in Denver, housing and rent lead the nation in rates of increase, and seniors increasingly rent or buy condos, both of which are skyrocketing. I’m not sure how everyone else is managing, but outside of having owned a home here for decades, it’s got to be dicey, given the uncertain state of retirement funds as well.

Social Security income, as well as every dollar saved on rent or housing, gets spent in the local economy, so this leveling off of that income will be felt by local business, which feeds into our state economy. Can our state afford that? Does the federal government want that?

Frances Rossi, Denver

This letter was published in the Jan. 21 edition.

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