DENVER - Winds aloft are increasing over the nation and the weather pattern is beginning to become more active again. The jet stream will swing a series of storm systems from

west to east over the next several days.

The first of these storms will zip across Colorado today. We'll see some snow over the mountains and it iwll bring some strong winds to the foothills and western suburbs of the Front Range.

We're already seeing gusts of 30-60 mph for the higher elevations west of Denver. In the city and across the northeast plains, expect northwest gusts of 20-30 mph.

There will be some snow for the high country, but amounts will be only in the 3-6 inch range - certainly welcome for the ski areas as the snow has become pretty hard packed in recent days.

The strong winds aloft will tend to sweep storm systems through very quickly - not a favorable pattern for snowfall east of the mountains. For the eastern plains, expect mid to high level clouds and periods of gusty winds.

Thursday will feature mostly sunny skies across the plains, with highs in the low to mid-40s...not quite as warm as yesterday! Tomorrow will turn even colder, with an increase in clouds. We'll see a chance of light snow late Friday and early Saturday across the plains.

Temperatures will turn colder heading into the weekend as the winds aloft will blow from the northwest and swing some chilly Canadian air into the central United States. Colorado will be on the western fringe of the coldest air, but we can expect readings to run about 10-15 degrees colder than normal for mid-January.

There will be periods of snow in the mountains through the weekend with a few inches possible each day, especially along and west of the Continental Divide.

Sunday will be a cold for the Bronco game with some flurries possible in the second half. Expect low 30s for the start of the game on Sunday, dropping to the mid 20s in the 4th quarter. Go Broncos!

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