Franchise free agency. The San Antonio Raiders? Gag.

Leila, Broncos fan

Kiz: By winning the battle for Los Angeles, our pal Stan Kroenke left Raiders owner Mark Davis and Chargers

owner Dean Spanos stuck in traffic miles from where they want to go, re-creating the scene from "Dumb and Dumber" when Harry tells Lloyd, "According to the map, we've only gone 4 inches." But here's the good news: While the Raiders might end up in San Antonio, it now seems possible Spanos could go crawling back to San Diego rather than trust Kroenke to be his partner in L.A. Maybe, just maybe, the Broncos haven't played their last game in beautiful San Diego, after all. As Lloyd once said: "So you're saying there's a chance?"

Neighborly thing to do. I've been a Broncos season-ticket holder since 1977. My wife and I agree to never sell our seats for more than face value, and sell only to proven Broncos fans. I've known the people who sit with me for years. I owe it to them not to put opposing fans in their midst, and the few hundred dollars we could make are not meaningful to us.

David, representing the 303

Kiz: It's tempting for any Broncos fan to sell a seat in a cold stadium for $500. But the last thing a die-hard, loyal Denver fan wants to see is some loudmouth stranger wearing a Steelers jersey sitting nearby. If you care about your neighbors in the stadium, don't be a ticket traitor.


Business decision. Don't be a ticket traitor? Really? Don't be just like the NFL itself? Football is about the money and nothing else. Team owners are all about the money and what it takes to get more money. Loyalty is a joke. The illusion the Broncos want supporters to buy is the team plays for us, when all they really play for is the big money, as evidenced by the Rams, the Chargers and the Raiders. In the end, the fans don't matter — especially if there are fans in another city willing to pay more for the illusion of having a home team. So what if Denver ticket holders sell their tickets and the whole stadium is packed with Steelers fans? It's simply another business decision. Sell two tickets, make $1,000 and watch millionaires play the game from the comfort of your warm living room? Really? There's some question as to the logic of that? Really?

Robert, Lakewood

Kiz: Your very intelligent points are really well taken. Let's see if I can apply the knowledge. If I give you a quarter, will you go away?

Time to move CarGo. And today's parting shot asks: If the Rockies have signed outfielder Gerardo Parra to a $27.5 million contract, can a trade of Carlos Gonzalez be far off?

CarGo is my fave, but he needs to go while his value is high. Although, if Parra replaces Charlie Blackmon or Corey Dickerson, then Colorado's outfield defense has been upgraded a lot.

Matt, stoking the hot stove