1. The question and question detail is extremely leading and biased. Obviously by posting all these weapon/military related pictures, you already make up your mind that China is a war mongering state who will invade other countries at the first opportunity.

2. I can list equally "unsettling" images for ALL first world and developing countries. ALL OF THEM even Japan (which technically shouldn't have a standing army) spend money developing their own modern military force. I'm sure you're very familiar with this image about US military budget compare to the rest of the world:

If you really want to talk about "peace", maybe you should look at that one dark red bar and think about which country we should worry more when it comes to "peace".

3. China had already raised, peacefully, without invading/colonizing anywhere, without enslaving anyone. China will soon exceed America become the largest economic entity in the world. So I'd say, the question is not only biased, it's quite obsolete.

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