A suspected Chinese gunman allegedly held up a couple working late at a jewellery store after smashing through the entrance with a forklift truck, mainland media reports.

He warned the stunned

son of the owner and his wife that he would shoot them if they moved after using the vehicle to break down the store’s metal security shutters in Lianhua county in Jiangxi province, at 3am last Saturday, the news website reported on Friday.

The couple had been working late inside a branch of the Hong Kong-owned jewellery brand, Kin Liu Fook, at the time of attempted robbery.

“He just ploughed through the entrance with a forklift truck,” the store owner’s son was quoted as saying. “He was holding a gun, and a bag, a hammer, and wearing a helmet. He was on his own. He told us, ‘Do not move or I will shoot’.”

The suspect then reportedly started to grab numerous items of jewellery.

However, police quickly arrived at the scene and arrested the suspect.

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