Taiwanese leaders and relatives held a memorial service on Friday for victims of last weekend’s earthquake as the official death toll rose to 94.

President Ma Ying-jeou and president-elect Tsai Ing-wen

both attended the ceremony, offering flowers and shaking hands with relatives and Buddhist monks before leaving without making any public remarks.

FFamily members lit incense and bowed before the victims’ photographs, arranged in rows.

Friday marks the seventh day since the earthquake and a day of special mourning, according to traditional Chinese funeral rituals.

The death toll rose to 94 early on Friday, according to Taiwan’s Interior Ministry, with as many as 41 people still missing and presumed trapped under the rubble.

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All but two of the dead were residents at the Weiguan Golden Dragon apartment complex, which was the only building to collapse during the tremors that struck Tainan, Taiwan’s oldest city.

Authorities detained the building’s developer Lin Ming-hui and two architects this week on suspicion of negligent homicide amid accusations that his company had cut corners during the building’s construction.

Pictures of the ruins, which showed that tin cans and foam were used as fillers in the concrete, have exacerbated public anger over the latest safety scandal to hit the island.

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On Friday Tainan’s district court gave the city government approval to freeze up to TW$30 million ($908,623) in assets belonging to the building’s developer Lin Ming-hui and three associates, according to a government statement.

“The Tainan district court handled it quickly, and granted... provisional seizure up to NT$30 million (HK$7 million) in assets of the related people,” the statement said.

It added that the move was to prevent the developer and associates from “disposing of assets”.

Tainan city officials ssay they will inspect several dozen other developments built by Lin, as well as other buildings in the Weiguan compound that did not collapse.

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