It also means that China is on the right track. I'm gonna make a bet that there's a disruptive technology that will render our current way of viewing military engagements obsolete. It's called the information age, and China has completely conceded dominance of land and seas to the USA. She has no interest in sending military forces EVER to build bases around the world in any way comparable to the US. There may be a time where friendly nations in East Africa or Iran pony up land for a naval installation, but those will be rare cases.

China has almost NO interest in standing toe-to-toe with America on the world stage when it comes to war materiel. She does want a first-rate nuclear arsenal, army and air force to defend her borders. She will want a regional "blue water" navy to ensure that the US cannot bully her in her own backyard. But those are clearly the limits of what China wants.

Within the next generation of our life, a majority of world assets and economic growth will be in the form of electronic signals. Programs and applications so complex, systems so interconnected that civilization will depend as greatly upon them as it does on electricity today. A disruption of those systems will mean an end to a nation or a corporation. That's what China's focused on. In that, she is less than 20 years behind. People should take note. There's an old saying, "Danger rarely approaches from the direction we bravely face."

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