Yes. China's domestic and foreign policies will be more stupid and moronic.

  • The democratic USA elected George W. Bush - twice, who proceeded to lie to the people, lie to the UN,
    invaded a country on false premises, and I'm still waiting for him to go back to Iraq and find that miraculous WMD for us.
  • The democratic Greece is on its way to put its former finance minister Viroufakis on trial for secretly preparing for a "plan B" in case of Grexit. Isn't this what the government supposed to do, or is Greece so eager to suck up to the Troika that it's willing to burn its own former minister on the stake to please them? Now I suddenly understand how the Greeks could have killed Socrates.
  • The Taliban in Afghanistan banned both the opium and Bacha bazi (men buying young boys to have sex with). It virtually eliminated both practices in Afghanistan. After 15 years under the democratic leadership of the NATO and the democratically-elected Afghanistan, both are back and at all time high. What the heck?

Why do some people keep on having wet dreams of fixing things that are't broken is just beyond me.

The only things I want to ask China are:
1. Don't go bomb other countries and kill their civilians.
2. Contribute to global environmental management, i.e., do her part to slow down global warming, reduce pollution, and protect endangered species.
3. Don't send your refugees to our country, or better yet, don't make your people into refugees.

As far as I can see, China is doing pretty well, or making positive changes on all three.

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