A Hong Kong bookseller detained on the mainland has returned to the city on Sunday morning and said he did not require any police or government assistance. He also requested the

missing persons file on him be dropped.

The return of Cheung Chi-ping, one of five booksellers who went missing on the mainland last year, came two days after the return of his boss Lui Por, a general manager of Mighty Current, a publishing house which specialises in books critical of the Chinese Communist Party. Cheung worked as Lui’s assistant.

“Hong Kong Police Force met with [Cheung] who has returned to Hong Kong from the Mainland this morning,” an official police statement said. It was nearly identical to the one released on Friday upon Lui’s return, read.

“Police continue to follow through with the other two missing person cases with the Interpol Guangdong Liaison Office of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department for further details,” the statement added.

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Cheung, Lui and another associate, Lam Wing-kee, all went missing while on the mainland last October. In the same month, Mighty Current shareholder Gui Minhai vanished in unexplained circumstances while he was in Pattaya, Thailand.

Their associate Lee Po disappeared from Hong Kong in December, leading to fears that Chinese agents had kidnapped him in the city and raising concerns.

Lee met with Hong Kong police in an undisclosed location last week and had also asked them to drop his case. He also said he did not need any help from the Hong Kong government and would return home when a mainland investigation involving his associate, Gui, was over.

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