The wife of a gravely ill heart failure patient has made an impassioned plea to find a suitable donor organ so her husband can have a life-saving transplant.

Eddy Au Yeung

Yuk-keung, 59, is intensive care at Queen Mary Hospital, with only seven per cent of his heart functioning. He has also developed complications, including acute kidney failure.

“I am very lost and could not process everything the doctors told me,” Mrs Au Yeung, who married just last month, said yesterday as she called on members of public to save her husband.

Mr Au Yeung was first admitted to Kwong Wah Hospital on October 20 after suffering a heart attack. After developing severe heart failure, he was later transferred to the Pok Fu Lam hospital to receive specialist treatment.

He has been using artificial lung and heart machines since October, and has been waiting for a heart transplant since February.

Dr Timmy Au Wing-kuk, chief of the hospital’s cardiothoracic surgery, said Au Yeung could die if he had a stroke or developed an infection.

“The longer [the artificial lung and heart machines] are installed, the more dangerous the patient’s situation could be,” said Dr Cally Ho Ka-lai, a cardiothoracic surgery consultant in the hospital.

“What we are worried about most is the emergence of complications such as an infection or a stroke caused by a blood clot.”

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It is understood there was a compatible heart located for Au Yeung recently but the family members of the deceased had refused to donate the organ.

Mrs Au Yeung said her husband had a daughter with his late wife, but had so far been unable to contact her.

No heart donations have been recorded in Hong Kong so far this year. Only 14 heart transplants were carried out last year.

As of December 31, there were still 36 patients waiting for new hearts.