Spain's Elena Arzak says traditional Chinese cuisine has been a long-time inspiration for her dishes. "My father and I have always been greatly influenced by Chinese cuisine as we have always

liked it," says Arzak, whose father is the famous and award-winning chef Juan Mari Arzak.

Father and daughter work together in their restaurant, Arzak, located in the village of Alza, now part of the city of San Sebastian in northern Spain. The restaurant has received numerous accolades from the mid-'70s onwards, including a third star in the prestigious Michelin Guide in 1989.Arzak has been touted as one of the 10 best restaurants in the world, and Elena Arzak now also directs Ametsa with Arzak Instruction at the Halkin in London, which has one Michelin star.

Arzak says she has always really liked Chinese cuisine and one of the first books her father gave her was The Heritage of Chinese Cooking. "There I discovered many recipes," she says, adding, "we have always liked ... how they use sesame oil, spices. I love Sichuan pepper!"

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