In a dramatic twist in the case of the missing Causeway Bay booksellers, Hong Kong police said officers have met bookseller Lui Por in the city on Friday.

The force said

in a statement that Lui, one of the five Mighty Current associates who have disappeared since October, has returned to the city already. Lui requested the force to cancel his “missing person” report.

The police “met with Lui Por who returned to Hong Kong from the mainland this morning. Lui Por requested police cancel his missing person case and stated that he did not require any assistance from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government or Police. He refused to disclose other details,” the statement read.

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“Police continue to follow through with the other three missing person cases with the Interpol Guangdong Liaison Office of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department for further details,” the statement continued.

Lui is the general manager of Mighty Current, a publishing house specialising in books critical of the Chinese Communist Party.

Lui and two of his associates, Lam Wing-kee and Cheung Chi-ping, all went missing since visiting the mainland in October. Another associate, Gui Minhai, vanished later that month in Thailand while Lee Po disappeared in Hong Kong in December.

Their disappearances led to fears that they were kidnapped by Chinese agents.

About a week ago, mainland media reported that Gui had ordered Lui, Lam and Cheung to deliver about 4,000 banned books from Hong Kong into the mainland since October 2014.

Democratic Party’s lawmaker Albert Ho Chun-yan said the mainland authorities needed to disclose more details about the booksellers as soon as possible.

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“I believe Lui Por is feeling helpless now,” Ho said.

According to another source, Lui was not handed over by mainland law enforcers to Hong Kong police. The source added that Lui returned to Hong Kong through Lo Wu immigration control point on Friday morning.

It was understood that police were alerted and then officers were sent to Lui’s home in Moon Wah Mansion in Tsuen Nam Road in Sha Tin to wait for his return.

“During the meeting, he told officers that he was safe and he did not need any assistance from the police,” the source said.

He then asked police to stop investigating his missing person case and he did not reveal other details, the source continued, adding it was possible the other booksellers had not yet returned to Hong Kong.

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