First, China is regarded as a developing nation on GDP per capita. But it is very different from any developing nation. So there may be a new definition is for China?


to other developing countries, China has much better infrastructure, education and literacy among the younger ppl, universities, R&D, tech giant coporations, and political influence in the world.

While compared to developed nations, China is very poor on average.
Average education/literacy, etc

There are many answers below who still use GDP or PPP per capita as the measure. However, as I mentioned in the first place, I regard China as a developing nation coz it has low GDP per capita.

But here, what I think China has a some big differences from any other developing nations, like R&D, coporations, infrastructure, blabla, that is why I ask this question,
for example,
Patent filings under the Patent Cooperation Treaty in 2013

Trademark filings under the Madrid System in 2013

After China, India (1,392) is the largest user of the PCT system among low- and middle-income countries, followed by Turkey (835), Brazil (661), South Africa (350), Malaysia (310) and Mexico (233). China drop these developing nations behind a lot.

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