An identification center for domestic violence injuries, the first of its kind in Hubei province in Central China, was established on Tuesday at the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University.


of domestic violence can now register for an expert's examination without first receiving an authentication letter from police.

The change is expected to help victims establish their injuries in a more timely manner, and prevent misjudgments and healed injuries that previously allowed perpetrators to walk free.

The identification process normally takes five to seven working days to complete, and results may be used as evidence in future lawsuits or trials.

In addition to the identification of physical abuse, including sexual abuse, the center is also qualified to evaluate patients for evidence of mental abuse. "Verbal assaults, humiliations and indifference are also part of the identification scope," said Lu Mingxiang, the center's director.

China's first anti-domestic violence law came into force on Tuesday.

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