No primary school eduction at kindergartens. No limiting children’s toilet time. China’s Ministry of Education have issued sweeping regulations on what children aged three to six should be doing in the


The new Kindergarten Work Regulations, which became effective on Tuesday and published on the ministry’s website, states no kindergartens should teach primary school materials.

Using primary school education materials in kindergartens “was a fairly serious problem”, said Zheng Fuzhi, an official from the ministry, in an interview last year.

Games should be the main form of instruction at kindergartens.

Neither can teachers place limits on how many times children go to the toilet.

The regulations also ban kindergartens from organising any admission examinations.

Children only need to undergo health checks before being enrolled, according to the regulations. Kindergartens must also limit the number of children they take to 360.

It also bans teachers from mistreating, insulting, engaging in discrimination or physically punishing children.

WATCH: Security camera footage of kindergarten teacher abusing Beijing toddlers released

The South China Morning Post and other media have reported on kindergarten teachers abusing small children.

The new rules also state that kindergartens must provide information to teach children about domestic violence and that teachers must contact the police if they learn a child is a victim.

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