A 100-metre long queue of people stretched out of Hong Kong Jockey Club’s betting branch in Central on Tuesday hoping to hit the jackpot as the city could soon see one

lucky punter win as much as HK$100 million – one of the biggest Hong Kong lottery jackpots in Mark Six’s four-decade long history.

At a betting shop on Stanley Street in Central, a Jockey Club branch known as a source of “lucky” tickets after it sold more than 30 winning tickets for previous large-sized draws, more than two hundred people, including many elderly, began lining up outside from 9.30am to seize a chance to try their luck. The draw is to take place on Wednesday.

The queue was so long at one point that it snaked all the way down the block and around a corner, measuring about 100 metres. While waiting, some started doing research on the numbers they would choose and jotting down notes.

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“I’m coming here with my wife to buy tickets as news reports mentioned yesterday that this branch would bring people good luck,”said 70-year-old Sunny Fung, a retiree and veteran Mark Six player who in the past had only won small prizes amounting to several hundred dollars.

He added: “I’m just having a flutter for fun, and if I’m lucky enough to win the big draw, I will donate much of my winnings to charities, just like what foreign millionaires do with their fortune.”

The biggest lottery win ever registered in Hong Kong was on December 10, 2013, when one player snapped up HK$90,951,590.

Civil servant Cheung Kin-chun joined the long queue. “No doubt the possible payout of HK$100 million sounds attractive,”he said. “I seldom do this but I decided to try my luck this time with a small amount of money.”

Cheung only planned to spend HK$20 on the game in which one must correctly match six out of 49 numbers. In contrast, 20-year-old Ho Kin said he had set aside HK$100 for his wager.

“I have high hopes on this draw,”said Ho, who said he worked for the MTR. “If I really win the HK$100 million, I will first travel to Japan, and then buy a fancy house, and of course donate some money to charities.”

It is believed that Mark Six has created thousands of millionaires. Over the 40 years, the cost per line of numbers eventually rose from HK$2 to the current HK$10.

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