From delectable sandwiches and fresh salads to warm bowls of soup and creamy milkshakes, nobody does amazing food quite like the Chicago-born institution Potbelly Sandwich Shop. Potbelly brings ingredients together in

a wonderful symphony of flavours that makes the palate sing. But more than delicious offerings, it's the Potbelly experience defined by great service and a feel-at-home atmosphere that keeps customers coming back.

Coming out of its humble antique shop beginnings, Potbelly has evolved to become a Nasdaq-listed company running sandwich shops with 400 branches across the United States, Britain, Kuwait, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates.

Key to enticing the taste buds of Potbelly's customers is innovation. Aside from the favourites, such as its chicken sandwich, Italian sandwich, or the famous A Wreck, the company studies market demands to adapt its menu accordingly.

"Our goal is to make customers happy wherever we go," says Matt Revord, Potbelly's senior vice-president.

Potbelly meticulously built its brand around its distinctive dining experience. Walking inside a Potbelly store is a multisensory treat. Alongside the enticing aroma of food, quirky décor and artefacts invite customers to enjoy and appreciate the environment. Local musicians playing live music also lend a great vibe to stores.

At the core of Potbelly's success is its dedication to quality. The company uses high-quality ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers. Potbelly ensures that its suppliers comply with food safety regulations.

For its international branches, Potbelly enforces the same high standards, but sources ingredients locally to support the economy.

Potbelly is looking to open stores in Asia, particularly countries with high-density populations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and the Philippines.

"We're a high-growth story in the US, and we anticipate being a high-growth story overseas. We believe that finding the right partners and developing meaningful long-term relationships is the key to achieving this," Revord says.


Potbelly Sandwich Shop