In his annual report to the deputies of the Beijing People's Congress last month, Beijing Mayor Wang Anshun outlined the city's tasks to transform the capital into a center for culture,

national politics, international exchange and technological innovation.

1. Strengthen the leading role of the Zhongguancun National Demonstration Zone and encourage businesses to invest in innovation; implement 12 key projects involving technological research and applications.

2. Boost entrepreneurial startups by creating business incubators.

3. Pilot a program at Zhongguancun to provide Internet financing and build equity holdings.

4. Focus on high-end industries, such as new-energy vehicles, robots and 3-D printing.

5. Join the Belt and Road Initiative and promote cooperation in international production capacity, equipment manufacturing and service trades such as telecommunications, financing and culture.

6. Build a national center for cultural industries and protection; promote the city's central axis from the Olympic Green to the Forbidden City as a World Heritage site.

7. Promote the integration of traditional and new media.

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(China Daily USA 02/26/2016 page7)


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