The thing to remember about China is that the same guys who are given the economic goals they are supposed to hit that year, are the same guys who report their numbers back to the central government and party central in Beijing.

So, if Beijing tells the mayor and party secretary of Dengzhou (I made up that city name) that they are to achieve 7.5% GDP growth in 2015, do you seriously think that they are going to say that they achieved only 6.4% to Beijing, when they know that their promotion depends on their achieving those same goals?

And then, after Beijing collects all those numbers and compiles them, then announces them to the world, that it is going to tell the rest of the world that they did not reach their key performance indicators (KPIs), which would make the Chinese people especially unhappy?

I don't think so....

So, to answer your question, all Chinese government officials and the Chinese government ALWAYS hit their five-year milestones!

And don't you forget it!