A three-year-old Chinese boy found abandoned in January, who has been cared for by local police officers ever since, has been sent to live in an orphanage after his parents could

not be traced, mainland media reports.

The boy was left behind in a playground in Jianwei county, in the province of Sichuan, by a man in his 30s on January 25, the West China City Daily reported.

The man left the child with a 20-yuan (HK$24) note before disappearing, the owner of the playground told the newspaper.

After staying at the police station for a few days, the boy was then taken to live at the home of a 32-year-old policeman, who has a son of the same age, but is not living with him at the moment.

Over the past month, the boy had been well looked after and had put on weight, the report said.

He had been suffering from minor ailments, including a cough and cold, at the time he was abandoned, but is now healthy.

The report said the boy had been taught simple things by the policeman, such as how to clean his teeth using a toothbrush.

Members of the public have also donated new clothes for the boy to wear.

The report said the boy had started to call the policeman looking after him “Daddy”, but when told he was going to live in the orphanage he had hugged the officer tightly and been reluctant to leave.

The police authority said it had turned down dozens of requests from people hoping to adopt the child.

It has also promised to keep searching for the boy’s parents.

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