A woman who was assaulted in the street in Beijing was ignored by passers-by who failed to come to her aid, a newspaper reported.

The woman was attacked as she was

sitting on her motorcycle using her phone on Tuesday evening, The Mirror reported.

She was about to ride off at about 8pm when a middle aged man called out “Miss” and grabbed her arms, holding her from behind. She struggled, but he refused to let her go, saying he liked her and wanted to become friends, the report said.

Security camera footage from a nearby shop showed the assault lasted just over a minute, but nine people walked or drove by without stopping to help.

The man only let go when the woman shouted as four men walked past, the report said.

The woman then hurried away on her motorcycle.

She went to the nearest police station, but did not file a report as it was late, the newspaper said.

The incident came to light when the woman, whose name and age were not given, recounted her experience on social media.

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The media in China regularly reports on people failing to come to the aid of those in need after incidents on the street .

There was an outcry five years ago after surveillance footage showed two vehicles hit and kill a toddler in Foshan in Guangdong province. At least 18 people went past ignoring her plight as she lay severely injured on the ground.