A composer died of suspected electrocution while taking a shower in a village house in Yuen Long on Thursday night.

Tin Ho-man, 31, was found unconscious by his flatmate in the

toilet of a two-storey house in San Wai Tsuen off Castle Peak Road at about 10pm.

“He was still holding a shower head in one hand, and water was running out from the shower head,” a police source said.

“His flatmate suffered an electric shock while touching him,” the source added.

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The flatmate, 31, turned off the electricity and called the police. Tin was declared dead by paramedics at the scene.

Officers from the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department were then called in to check electric installations in the house.

“Initial investigations showed there was no leakage of current from an electric heater found at the scene,” a spokesman for the department said.

He said the department was investigating whether the incident was linked to other electric devices.

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A source with knowledge of the investigation said that the house was under renovation.

“We suspect there was leakage of current from an electric appliance, electricity went into a water pipe, and the water was electrified,” the source said.

“When the victim was taking a shower, he was electrocuted,” the source continued, adding that police were working with the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department to find out the cause of the incident.

A police spokesman said initial investigations revealed nothing suspicious, and an autopsy would be carried out. It is understood that Tin moved into the house recently.

According to the Hong Kong Movies DataBase, Tin was a composer for the 2011 movie Meeting of the Half Moons.