A Chinese man was so desperate to escape his nagging parents that he took drugs then turned himself in to police so they would lock him in a cell for a

couple of days of peace and quiet, mainland media reports.

However, his plan backfired when police locked him up for 15 days, so he complained that the sentence was too long and tried to withdraw his claim, the Fuzhou Evening News reported on Wednesday.

“I just want to be locked up for one or two days – 15 days is too long – so I want to cancel my claim to the police,” the report quoted him as saying to police.

Local police ignored his request after discovering he had taken drugs, and he now remains in detention.

The man, 26, identified only by his surname, Chen, was living with his parents in the city of Fuzhou, in Fujian province, when he turned himself in to police for taking drugs on Monday.

At first police thought he was either joking or had mental problems. Yet urine tests confirmed that Chen had taken the drug methamphetamine, or crystal meth.

The report said Chen had always been a problem for his parents and had been jailed twice before for theft.

Worried that he would commit another crime, Chen’s parents had kept on telling him to find a proper job, the report said.

“If you keep on nagging, I will get myself locked up at the police station,” the report quoted Chen telling his parents on Monday.

His parents ignored his threats so Chen went ahead with his threat.

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