A man from southeast China cut off part of his penis out of frustration he hadn’t produced a son, mainland media reported.

The 36 -year-old man, who had two daughters, used

a knife to severe about 3cm of his organ while drinking at home on Monday night, according to Dongnan Zaobao, a newspaper in Fujian province.

The man, who lives in the countryside outside Quanzhou city, was upset he hadn’t fathered a son and fellow villagers mocked him over the issue, according to the report.

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Traditional Chinese culture values boys over girls because men carry on the family bloodline while girls marry into other families and sometimes move away to care for their new family.

When the man’s family discovered what happened, they picked up the severed part, put it in a bag of ice and rushed him to the hospital.

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In the emergency room, the man shouted to medical staff that he didn’t want it sewed it back on. But the operation went ahead, and it was reattached in a four-hour procedure, the newspaper reported.

His family told doctors that the man, who rarely drinks, had five shots of alcohol that night.

He was in stable condition on Tuesday and would make a full recovery within six to 12 months, the doctors were quoted as saying.

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