Hong Kong has been ranked 70th in a study on quality of living in cities around the world despite the social unrest it has been experiencing.

The city came in at

the same spot as the American city of Detroit.

American human resources consultancy firm Mercer awarded scores to 230 cities worldwide between September and November last year based on 39 factors which expatriates regarded as important to their quality of life. These included political stability, economic environment, education, health and housing.

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This year’s result for Hong Kong, which did not change from last year’s, meant the city remained the one with the highest quality of living in China. The ranking also put it just ahead of the Korean capital Seoul, which was ranked 73rd.

But Hong Kong’s score trailed far behind that of its regional rival Singapore, ranked 26th, as well as many European cities including Vienna and Zurich, which gained the two top spots in the survey.

Connie Leung, a consultant at Mercer, said: “Although there have been rising concerns around social issues in Hong Kong recently, the survey shows that quality of living and personal safety in Hong Kong remain at a relatively good standard compared to most other nearby cities in the region.”

Many top tier Chinese cities did not make it into the top 100 this year. Shanghai was placed at 101st, Beijing 118th, Guangzhou 119th and Shenzhen 137th.

Data for the survey was analysed between September and November last year, but assessments were then revised to reflect the latest developments in politics, economics and the environment.

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