I hate to break this to you but they're not exactly going to learn top secret DARPA nuclear submarine technology from taking an intro course at UCLA.

The influx of Chinese students

into the US is a huge boon... for the US.

  • Financially it benefits the universities greatly as the students almost always pay full tuition, so up to 70K USD a year.
  • A majority of Chinese graduates choose to stay in the US, for up to many decades. And all of them up with decent paying careers that make them good friends of the IRS.
  • Despite what Americans think of Chinese creativity and innovative skills, these graduates/immigrants end up making key contributions to the preponderance of American military and economic force. Just look at the Yahoo!.
It's China, not the US that suffers from this, and it's the greatest "brain drain" in history. These days, entire classes from top Chinese universities end up overseas for their graduate studies, and most do not return any time soon.