A Ford Mustang that had been transformed to look like a police car has been stopped by traffic police in Xian in Western China on Wednesday afternoon it was found roaming

the streets of the large city, reported.

The car doors had been sprayed white, with the word “Police” written on the bonnet and both side doors.

The slogan “To punish and enslave” a reference from the movie Transformers, was written on the side.

The driver, who was also the car owner, said he decorated his car to mimic a police car “for fun and to grab attention before the Lunar New Year”.

The driver’s name and age were not given in the report.

Police found no items impersonating police inside the car, but they told the man to remove the words on the exterior.

The report generated much discussion on social media, attracting more than 14,000 comments on Tencent Weibo as of Sunday morning.

“[The driver] watched too much Transformers!” said one comment, referring to the American science fiction action movie series in which alien robots can disguise themselves by transforming into everyday machinery such as vehicles.

“Damn! What is an American police car doing in China? You must be caught! Chinese are in charge on Chinese soil!” read another.