I'm going to write this answer as I watch, commenting on everything noteworthy I see. I'm am hoping that there will be something in the weapons that

are supposed to be on display. Reports have said that 84 percent of the firepower on display will be shown for the first time. I don't know if that means that any well hidden secrets will be unveiled, but what I am expecting is a lot of stuff we have long been aware of.

I'll say this now, I am not an expert on Chinese weaponry, but I understand the field well enough that I know what and how to google it.


At 5:13 the parade proper seemed to begin with a procession of helicopters carrying flags. The red squares appear to be some variant of the Changhe Z-18. The PLA is supposed to have created their own version which this one might be.

The yellow squares outline attack helicopters that could be the CAIC Z-10.

There were some planes with fanciful colored smoke, but I have no idea what they were. They looked WWII era, so irrelevant for this answer.


The rifle you see is the QBZ-95. It's no surprise as they have been using it since 1995 in one variant or another. It looks like a sci-fi laser, and has had several issues with its design, functionality, and ergonomics. Plus, it is Bullpup, which as a Marine rifle instructor, I hate. It just makes no sense to reload in your armpit.

Skip to 11:03

President of the People's Republic of Xi Jinping looks seriously annoyed by something. I mean dude, be happy, this is sort of a big day for you. I guess he is starting to get tired of all the goose-step nonsense.


Oh, that's just troubling.

At 16:34 there is a unit marching with a weapon that I believe is a variant of the Russian AK-47 called the Type 81. That's nothing knew and has been in service in the early 80's. They have bayonets fixed though... so they must be important.

At around 18:22, when the foreign soldiers start marching, something weird starts happening. For reasons I can't explain, they seem to have something to hide.

That image isn't clear enough to communicate my meaning. For some reason, all the soldiers from a country whose flag I didn't recognize are blurred in the video. This may have something to do with China, the nation itself, or a decision from Moscow, being that this is a Russia Times video.

There is little say about the foreign powers that can't be summed up better in my post to the The Defense Quorum, China's Peacetime War. Some things worth noting. Hungry looked lost and for some reason, the Russians all looked like babies. I'm serious, 25:49 has troops marching that look like they may still be in high school. I don't know if that is some sort of cadet corps or what, but they don't even look they are shaving yet. What's up with Putin's boy army?

28 minutes in, the military vehicles begin.


Pretty sure these are the Dongfeng EQ2050, which is pretty much a Chinese Humvee.


This is the Type 99 Main Battle Tank. It's a Chinese variant of the Russian T-72, which has been in service since the early 70's. This is the apparently the most impressive MBT the Chinese have right now numbering around 600. I found that surprising low considering the American's MBT, the M-1 Abrams is 10 years newer and we have over 10,000. I sort of thought Chinese manufacturing would have made that gap much smaller.


The ZBD2000, an amphibious armored fighting vehicle, developed for the PLA Marine Corps.


The hardest thing about this one was figuring out what it was. I believe it is the The ZTD-05, an amphibious assault tracked armored vehicle designed and manufactured in China, or the ZBD-04A infantry fighting vehicle. I really can't tell.


This one actually is surprising. This too gave me trouble figuring out which one it was. It looks like something the blog "War is Boring" calls the "ZTQ" which is a light tank that will be used for mountain warfare settings like the impending conflicts with Tibet. This is surprising also, because the US Army has been trying for some time to create such a vehicle without success and represents one of the only cases where the Chinese surpass the Americans in capability.

China’s Got a New Mountain Tank — War Is Boring


These ATF-10 anti-tank missiles on modified ZBD-04A's.
Also making its first official appearance was the ATF-10 fiber-optic-guided, non-line-of-sight (NLOS) anti-tank missile. Eight are carried by a modified ZBD-04A APC. The PLA's interest in NLOS anti-tank missiles became apparent in 2011, and the ATF-10 featured prominently in the 2014 'Peace Mission' exercises. The missile reportedly has a range of about 10 km.

Sorry, I accidentally hit publish when I meant to hit "save draft". So this answer isn't ready yet. I'll finish the rest later.

Edit 2: Ugh. I have been listening to Chinese marches for way too long and and burnt on it. Taking another break. In the meantime, here is a good website with notes on the Parade in more detail. China showcases new weapon systems at 3 September parade and Chinese Military Aviation

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