A man being treated at a hospital in eastern China held a woman nurse hostage at knifepoint on Thursday before she was rescued unharmed by police, mainland media reports.

A number

of other people in the ward at the hospital in Nanjing, in Jiangsu province, took out their mobile phones to take photographs and videos, the China News Service reported.

The patient was having an intravenous drip in a ward when he suddenly got up from his chair and grabbed the nurse and then held a fruit knife against her neck.

The report did not say if people tried to help the nurse.

Witnesses said the man, in his 40s, appeared to have been be upset as a result of some family disputes, the report said.

“He kept yelling ‘I don’t want to live anymore, someone is plotting against me!’,” one patient was quoted as saying in the report.

Another patient also being given an intravenous drip in the ward said the man did not seem to want to hurt the nurse.

“He put the back of the knife blade against the nurse’s neck,” the second patient was quoted as saying. “Before he seized the nurse, he called the police himself. The police came and left, maybe because they thought nothing was wrong.

“After he grabbed the nurse, he kept asking us to call the police and tell the police to come as soon as possible.”

The nurse was freed after about half an hour later.

“The woman was crying non-stop after she was brought out of the room. She was totally freaked out,” another nurse said.

The report did not say whether the patient would face any charges.

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