A Chinese man has staged his own funeral just to see how many people would turn up.

Zhang Deyang arranged the mock ceremony in the city of Rizhao in Shandong province

to get a feel for who might turn up when he actually kicks the bucket.

The 66-year-old was seen crawling into a fake grave as amused attendees looked on.

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The fun-loving pensioner looked chuffed to bits as pretend mourners bowed their heads in prayer at his feet - while he sat dressed in traditional Chinese burial clothes next to a table of refreshments.

He invited about 50 family members but only 20 went, according to media reports.

However, his visitor numbers were boosted by hundreds of people from neighbouring villages.

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He spent 16,000 yuan (HK$19,000) on the ceremony, and also pretended to marry a dead woman because it is considered bad luck to go to the afterlife without a spouse.

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