China has only been conquered from the south twice in its entire history:
  1. The overthrow of the Yuan by the Ming Dynasty, though little fighting actually happened, the Mongols basically fled once
they realized it was all over.
  • The Northern Expedition by Chiang Kai Shek.
  • With that being said, in modern times, most national leaders have actually been southerners, which is an anomaly in Chinese history.
    1. Sun Yat-Sen (Hakka)
    2. Chiang Kai-Shek (Ningbo)
    3. Mao Ze-Dong (Hunan)
    4. Deng Xiao-Ping (Sichuan)
    5. Jiang Ze-Ming (Shanghai)
    6. Hu Jing-Tao (Jiangsu)
    7. Xi Jin-Ping (Henan/Shaanxi, ancestrally, Beijing by birth)
    This makes Xi the first de-facto/de-jure leader of a united China to be from the North since the last Qing Emperor. As an aside, Li Ke Qiang is also the first top man in office to be from Peking University, which is quite strange when you think about it.

    Many people have pointed out that Xi carries all the trappings of a traditional northern aristocrat, basically the polite but implicitly aloof air of confidence as can easily be seen in hall his meetings with foreign heads of state. He never bows, and rarely even lowers his head, something that Jiang would always do.