A hotline and mailbox have been set up by the Chinese military for people to report corruption and other misconduct, according to the Discipline Inspection Commission under the Central Military


The hotline uses two landline telephone numbers and two mobile phone numbers. Those wanting to appeal against a disciplinary decision can also call the hotline or send a letter to the mailbox.

The measure is aimed at encouraging tipoffs to improve public scrutiny, the commission said in a statement, adding that the anti-graft campaign could also be stepped up within the military.

It said it would handle each report carefully in accordance with policies, regulations and procedures, and encourage people to leave their real names when making accusations.

All the landline and mobile phone numbers were busy on Tuesday afternoon when a China Daily reporter tried several times every hour before reaching a hotline operator, who declined to answer questions.

The introduction of the hotline and mailbox is the latest step taken by President Xi Jinping - also chairman of the Central Military Commission - since he took office in November 2012 to tackle the once-rampant corruption within the People's Liberation Army.

Over the past three years, nearly 50 senior PLA and Armed Police Force officers have been convicted or investigated for corruption allegations.

They include Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou, both former vice-chairmen of the Central Military Commission. Guo is under investigation by PLA prosecutors, while Xu died in March before standing trial after the investigation he faced was concluded.

The latest target is Li Mingquan, former director of the General Equipment Support Department under the PLA General Logistics Department.

PLA prosecutors said in early December that they were investigating the major general over criminal accusations. They did not give details.

The Central Military Commission's Discipline Inspection Commission was set up in January to replace the anti-graft body that was administered by the former PLA General Political Department.

In late November, Xi vowed to grant more independence and authority to disciplinary inspectors and auditors when he presided over a Central Military Commission meeting that announced the ongoing PLA overhaul.

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(China Daily USA 02/17/2016 page3)

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