We cannot know exactly what is Xi Jinping's thinking. I think:

  1. Xi Jinping need to protect himself. From public information and some unofficial information. We now know there was a plan to
    replace Xi Jinping with Bo Xilai. Game of throne Chinese version, and the better version. So Xi Jinping need to wipe out the conspiracy and everyone behind this conspiracy.
  1. Xi Jinping acts very like Mao Zedong. Mao likes absolute authority. Anti-corruption is a very effective way to obtain absolute authority. Zhou Yongkang, Xu Caihou and all the big tigers were a sort of club members of Jiang Zemin.
  2. We like Anti-corruption, corruption already caused a lot of problems. But now, I am not persuaded the anti-corruption campaign will last forever. When all enemies in the party are wiped out, Will Xi Jinping carry on fighting corruption?
Actually, I think the most important thing is what's next. After Xi Jinping get his absolute authority, what is he wants? What direction he wants China to go?

Is Chinese anti-corruption action actually an internal struggle among political leaders?

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