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Statistically speaking: No.
And please keep in mind these surveys tend to err on the side of positive responses cause psychologically, people tend to prefer "favorable" over "unfavorable"

when asked the question by a stranger on the phone.

So, in reality the percentage of "favorable" is much lower. And given the nature of media rhetoric and selective media coverage, I would say that the number 38% is already far, far higher than I had expected.

If I were an average white American, with an average white American knowledge of the world outside the US, then I can't come up with any reasons to like China. Maybe I would have a favorable opinion of Chinese American people, but the actual People's Republic of China? No, I can't imagine why.

Now let's flip this around, what do the Chinese think of the US:

Global Indicators Database

Well, good to know the bad vibes are mutual.

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