It's a reflection of the recent Pew Global Attitude Research, where the Chinese are the most optimistic about their future.

Question: Overall, are you ____ with the way things are going in

our country today?

China ranked the highest at 87%. Source: Global Public Downbeat about Economy

A whopping 85% of Chinese are satisfied with the direction of their country is going, compared with 31% in the US, and as low as 2% in Greece.

Source: This Map Shows Where People Are Most Satisfied With Their Country's Direction

So basically, the vast majority of Chinese are happy with their country. Chances are, they feel happier about their country than you feel about your country. And yes, they are also more patriotic. A recent Gallop poll showed that while 71% of the Chinese are willing to fight for their country, only 18% of the Germans feel similarly.

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What you see on Quora is just a reflection of the general sentiment.

You don't really believe that the Chinese are just a bunch of poor, downtrodden, oppressed people waiting to be liberated, do you?

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