Guests eating a meal at a Chinese wedding banquet were shocked to discover a dead mouse in a shared dish of braised beef being served at their table on Sunday, mainland

media reports.

The large black rodent was lying in a large bowl of chill-oil-soaked braised beef at the banquet in the city of Chongqing, the Chongqing Evening News reports.

A photograph taken by one of the guests showed the fist-sized body of the black mouse lying on top of the food, with some of the ingredients stuck to the dead rodent’s fur.

The guests immediately filed a complaint to the district’s food safety regulators and all the guests, having lost their appetite, left their tables and abandoned the banquet.

The report did not provide further details about the newly-weds, or how many people had attended the wedding.

Investigators from the district’s food and drug administration said the meal had been prepared by kitchen staff at a restaurant the day before the banquet, but the container with the braised beef had not been covered.

They said they suspected that the rodent had died after falling into the dish while trying to steal food.

The restaurant’s owner could not be reached for comment.

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