The irony? Do you even know what serfdom is? 95% of the Tibet population were serfs before communist came. While the master can't execute their serf at will, they can buy and sell serfs with lands. They can punish their serfs as they see fit. Serfs have to work on the land and if they escape, they'll be punished. Serfdom is hereditary, which means serfs' children will be serfs and goes on forever.

One thing I really don't like about Dalai Lama is how he defends serfdom. How he believes his people actually were happy being serfs, because their master treated them well, because it is tradition or whatever. I'm sure there're white masters who treat their black slaves well. I know a lot of racists believes black people are supposed to be slaves, just like serfs are supposed to be serfs, and they're happy about it. But slavery is slavery. Humans are not supposed to be purchased and sold like properties.

I'm not saying communism is good. But compare to serfdom, I'd go with communism. Under communism, people do work for themselves and get salary. The state can't buy and sell people as property. They can change jobs if they don't like it. They can go to other places and look for new jobs as well. People have a lot more freedom after the economic revolution in the 80s. So whatever you believe current China is like, you're wrong. Maybe you should get over your cold war McCarthyism and read some current news.

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