A newborn in eastern China is in serious condition having contracted tetanus after his father used unsterilised scissors to cut his umbilical cord during the home birth, local media reported.


mother suddenly went into labour late last month, five days before due date at their home in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, while her husband was shopping for groceries, the Wenzhou Evening News reported.

The child has already been delivered smoothly when the man rushed home. The wife told him to cut the umbilical cord with a pair of scissors. They did not bring the baby to hospital for checkups.

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Five days later, the child started crying continuously and began convulsing.

He was rushed to hospital, but the spasms got worse and he had difficulty breathing as his mouth clenched tighter.

The boy was put in intensive care where he remains in serious condition. Doctors said he would probably require another month of treatment.

The doctor added that tetanus, a bacterial infection that attacks the nervous system, was rare among newborns, and when it did occur it was usually caused by unsterilised medical instruments during delivery.

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